Saturday, February 26, 2011

Just another London!

Hello friends!
Back from another day trip to London.  This time we went to the Tate Modern Museum which is right along the Thames River.  One really cool exhibit was of thousands of hand-made porcelain  sunflower seeds made by a Chinese artist I believe.  They also had a lot of paintings from Picasso and Monet which were super cool to see in picture.  If you are ever in London I would recommend taking some time to stop by Tate Modern.  Right next to the museum was the Millennium Bridge (aka bridge in the beginning of HP and the Half Blood Prince!  I am loving seeing all the things in the Harry Potter movies! ha) So of course we went and took pictures on the bridge.  After that we headed down the Thames a little further to the Borough Market, which was cool in itself.  By the time we got there most of the shops were closed (everything closes early here, like nothing but pubs and restaurants are open past 6) but they had fresh fish and bread so my friends and I plan to go back when everything is in full swing!  To finish of the night we ate at GBK or Gourmet Burger Kitchen, which I would recommend to anyone who comes to London.  That's all for now, I am on my way to Ireland this upcoming week so look for some pictures!!!!
Sunflower seeds exhibit at the Tate Modern Museum

Picture of People looking at a picture of people looking at a picture ha

Me on the Millennium Bridge

Friday, February 18, 2011

Camden and the London Eye!

I just got back from another little day trip to London and I am so excited I cannot wait one more minute to talk about it!  If I wasn't in love with London before today, I am officially now.  To start off our day, we went down to Camden Street to see all of the markets.  SOOOOOOO COOOOOLLLL!!!!!!  There were soo many cute little vendors and I got a little experience with bartering for prices on clothing and such.  Not only were there clothing vendors but so many food vendors.  You walk through the market and it smells so good.  My friends and I made two trips to a little donut stand that made the donuts right in front of you!  We also tried crepes, I shared a nutella and strawberry one (amazing combination and I am not the biggest fan of nutella) and I also tried a little bit of lemon and sugar which was tasty as well.  I promise to take more pictures of it when it is not so cold out.  After we had our fill of that for the day we headed over to the London Eye.  The best time to go is at night because the city looks pretty neat all lit up.

Hooray for the London Eye!
Bridget, Kristin, and Myself on our way up to the top of the London Eye
Pretty London lights
The little bubble thing that we rode to the top of the eye in

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Beautiful Town of St. Albans!

This past Saturday, my friends and I took a small little weekend trip back to St. Albans.  This time we agreed to avoid the shops (because seriously, I could spend my life savings at H&M and River Island... check them out if you get the chance) and tour the beautiful St. Albans Cathedral and Abbey.  You wouldn't think that for such a smallish town there would be a massive cathedral but this thing is huge!  Construction on the Cathedral itself started in 1077 and you can see it along the walls where the building materials have changed.

This is a side view of the cathedral as we were walking towards it.
P.S. Look at the huge whomping willow..Harry Potter is everywhere
in this country!

A close up of the mixed materials used to build the exterior

Right as you walk in the front door

A mural on the wall of the whole process of building the Cathedral.
 After we were through with our tour, we went to the most delicious Italian place called Zizzi.  The food was insanely good and I cannot wait to try the food when I am actually in Italy.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chicago! in London!

Last night I had the amazing opportunity to see Chicago on stage in London!  I have actually never seen the musical before or even the movie so I had no idea what to expect.  I loved it!  All the actors were great and the theater was an experience all in itself.  It was quite old and had the typical red velvet chairs, gold paint, etc.  Last night was also my first experience on the train and using the tubes (subways) in the city.  Our first stop was Kings Cross station and what did you know....
We stumbled upon platform 9 3/4! Soooo cool!