Friday, February 18, 2011

Camden and the London Eye!

I just got back from another little day trip to London and I am so excited I cannot wait one more minute to talk about it!  If I wasn't in love with London before today, I am officially now.  To start off our day, we went down to Camden Street to see all of the markets.  SOOOOOOO COOOOOLLLL!!!!!!  There were soo many cute little vendors and I got a little experience with bartering for prices on clothing and such.  Not only were there clothing vendors but so many food vendors.  You walk through the market and it smells so good.  My friends and I made two trips to a little donut stand that made the donuts right in front of you!  We also tried crepes, I shared a nutella and strawberry one (amazing combination and I am not the biggest fan of nutella) and I also tried a little bit of lemon and sugar which was tasty as well.  I promise to take more pictures of it when it is not so cold out.  After we had our fill of that for the day we headed over to the London Eye.  The best time to go is at night because the city looks pretty neat all lit up.

Hooray for the London Eye!
Bridget, Kristin, and Myself on our way up to the top of the London Eye
Pretty London lights
The little bubble thing that we rode to the top of the eye in

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  1. ferris wheel things freak me out! you look like your having sooo much fun! we miss you here :( like normal! love you!