Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Beautiful Town of St. Albans!

This past Saturday, my friends and I took a small little weekend trip back to St. Albans.  This time we agreed to avoid the shops (because seriously, I could spend my life savings at H&M and River Island... check them out if you get the chance) and tour the beautiful St. Albans Cathedral and Abbey.  You wouldn't think that for such a smallish town there would be a massive cathedral but this thing is huge!  Construction on the Cathedral itself started in 1077 and you can see it along the walls where the building materials have changed.

This is a side view of the cathedral as we were walking towards it.
P.S. Look at the huge whomping willow..Harry Potter is everywhere
in this country!

A close up of the mixed materials used to build the exterior

Right as you walk in the front door

A mural on the wall of the whole process of building the Cathedral.
 After we were through with our tour, we went to the most delicious Italian place called Zizzi.  The food was insanely good and I cannot wait to try the food when I am actually in Italy.

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  1. I'm so jealous! It looks like your having so much fun! We miss you in Kansas!!! Love you!