Monday, April 4, 2011

London, Oxford, and a little Harry Potter

This weekend was a busy one!  On Friday, my friends and I took a little trip into London for the first time in a month!  We have been so busy traveling to other countries that we haven't got the chance to go back until this weekend.  While I was there my fellow Theta, Madeline, was visiting from Italy! So, we went on this free tour (its called Sandeman's New Europe and you just tip at the end based on how good you think the tour guide did) and learned some history behind all the buildings we have been marveling at.  We also took her to Camden Market and introduced her to the best donuts in the world!  I think it is safe to say she would agree with that statement. :)
Madeline and I at Trafalgar Square in London
On Saturday, we took a trip to Oxford through the school for study abroad students.  Best part about Oxford is the fact the Harry Potter was filmed there!!!! The college buildings are super old which makes them perfect for certain scenes that involve the Hogwarts Castle.  After they took us around to see all the buildings that make up Oxford University (which are a lot by the way) they then took us to this really ritzy shopping center.  Why? I have no idea because there was not many things I could even think about buying.  However, I did fall in love with a store called Cath Kidston which I like to think is very similar to Vera Bradley (which I also love).

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  1. I'm so glad you got to see each other! how cool! can't wait for you to be home! we miss you!