Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lessons Learned!

This post is all about what I have learned so far while at the University, or the Uni as most of the British call it.
1. Hertfordshire is really disorganized compared to KSU.  You are expected to stay on top of things yourself and when you get here it feels like you have all this stuff to do that should have already been done.  It does get better though!
2. European debit cards have micro chips in them.  In saying that, some places won't take your swiped card (at the movie theater (aka cinema) and at the grocery store).  Last night I forgot to bring cash and without my friends (who had cash) I would have been denied a movie ticket and the candy I bought for it
3. There is not a whole lot to do in Hatfield itself.  The school here is good, which is why students come, but without the mall and the theater there is nothing really to do.  I regret not bringing movies with me (because of course, their dvds don't work in our computers) and none of our movie watching sites work here :(.  Oh well, I will survive.

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