Saturday, March 12, 2011

March in Ireland!

Hello Americans!

Last weekend my friends and I took a little trip to see our neighbor, Ireland!  It was a blast and all of us plan to go back if there is time (and money) left at the end of our trip!  I would post pictures up with this, however, for some reason they are not loading so maybe I can get some up here later.  We stayed in the Galway and Shannon area (which is on the opposite side of Ireland from Dublin) and I am really glad we did.  Galway is two hours from the airport so we took a coach through the country-side which was pretty neat.  The weather was also gorgeous which was a nice change from England.  This upcoming weekend, we are going to Madrid which should be a blast!  I will have to keep trying to post the pictures of Ireland, its easier to say what we did if there is a picture that goes along with it.

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