Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pretty Spanish Pictures!

Just a cool little sign in Puerta del Sol, but look how blue that sky is!

First experience with tapas, not too bad.

Hot chocolate and churros!  The hot chocolate is much thicker than
what we would consider hot chocolate but it makes it perfect for dipping
your churros into!

The Royal Palace, which is the largest palace in Western Europe
based on the number of rooms, which is 2,000.  I guess that means the King
can have a lot of guest over!

Templo de Debod, a gift from Egypt to Spain.  There were
parks surrounding it so we had a lovely picnic and then
headed over to take pictures of this.  I'm afraid this might be the
closest I ever get to Egypt.

Just some Madrid skyline.  It was so beautiful and sunny that day!
I am hoping I regained some color that I have lost while living in England.

Plaza Mayor!  Fun fact: this plaza has been home to numerous bullfights
and executions during the Spanish Inquisition and was built in the 1600s

Oldest restaurant in Europe. Seriously, they have the Guinness
certificate in the window and have been serving food since
the 1700s 

For some reason this picture is on its side buuttt this is the Almundena
Cathedral and on the other side of this is the palace!

All of the street signs had pictures of what they described, which
was very helpful for those of us with limited Spanish skills.

Venus and Mars in Museo del Prado.  They had tons
of sculptures and I wish we could have spent more time there.
They also had two time periods that were free of charge for everyone
which was really nice as well.

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