Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quiero España mucho

Hello friends!
I am back from a wonderful weekend in Spain! Well, actually I came back on Sunday but as the british say, "I can't be bothered" to post things in a timely manner!  Our trip took us to Madrid which is that capital city for those of you who didn't know.  My friends and I are getting quite good a navigating aeropuertos y trenes (this blog is going to be sprinkled with some Spanish words :)) so getting from one place to another is getting much smoother.  We had the good fortune to also get some amazing hostels for good prices in great locations, definite plus!  Since our flight came in at 11 am Thursday and we left early Sunday morning we had three full days to sight see.  The weather was also 60s the whole time which was a great break from England.  However, since I have been back it has been oddly sunny (must have brought the sun  back with me!) I am trying to upload pictures buuutttt it is not letting me so as soon as I can there will be pictures of my trip!

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