Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pictures! Finally!

Just a building in Sixmilebridge but that vine thing
is pretty cool!

The Hostel we stayed at in Sixmilebridge/Shannon.  It was named
the Jamaica Inn and had palm like trees as part of the landscaping haha!

Just chilling out with Oscar and Eduard Wilde in Galway
We stumbled upon this cathedral as we were walking around
and the ceiling was absolutely beautiful!

There were so many people busking on the market street!
This guy was pretty good, and it turned out a pretty cool picture too.

One of the many coffees I had on this trip.  I am usually not the biggest
coffee fan but it is starting to grow on me!

We found real live Gypsies!  So naturally I had
to take a photo :)
Had to stop and take a picture of these little guys!
Here is the first pub we went to in Galway for lunch, the King's Head.

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